EMCO WakeOnLan - Free Visual Wake on LAN Utility
Compatible with Windows 7

Free Wake on LAN Utility for Networks of Any Scale

This visual Wake on LAN (WOL) tool can help you to wake up multiple remote PCs from a central location. The application is ready to work in complex networks and power up PCs across subnets. It is able to detect MAC addresses of remote PCs and send Wake on LAN packets using different transmission methods. Using Professional version you can not only execute WOL on demand, but also schedule WOL tasks for an automatic execution.
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 Latest version: 1.4.4 (August 29, 2017)
EMCO WakeOnLan is available both in commercial and freeware editions. Check the feature list to see the differences. The commercial edition can be evaluated for free. The freeware edition is free for personal and commercial usage.

EMCO WakeOnLan is an utility with the visual UI, that is designed to simplify Wake on LAN operations. It is available in a Free and Professional editions.

Basic Features of WakeOnLan Free

The Free edition can be used to wake up one or a group of network PCs. It detects network PCs and collects MAC addresses from powered on PCs automatically. Wake on LAN operation can be initiated manually by selecting PCs to wake them up.

  • Wake up multiple PCs at once. If multiple PCs are selected to wake up, the application executes Wake on LAN operations in parallel to guarantee a high performance.
  • Wake on LAN across subnets. The application allows configuring different WOL transmission methods depending on network configuration to deliver WOL packets across subnets.

Advanced Features of WakeOnLan Professional

The Professional edition offers additional features that help to automate Wake on LAN operations. Using it you can initiate WOL manually on demand and automatically on schedule. You can also benefit from WOL features designed for large networks.

  • Wake on LAN tasks execution on schedule. WOL tasks can be configured once and scheduled for automatic execution. The application supports one-time and recurrent Wake on LAN tasks.
  • Wake on LAN in large networks. The application can extract MAC addresses directly from Microsoft DHCP server. The reported data include MAC even for powered off PCs. It is possible to specify Active Directory query as definition of WOL operation target.

Wake on LAN Features for Corporate Networks

EMCO WakeOnLan is an utility designed to be used in networks of any scale and it is optimized to operate with a large number of PCs. It includes features that are targeted at simplifying Wake on LAN operations and automating WOL tasks in corporate networks.

WOL Tasks and Their Scheduling

The Professional version allows creating Wake on LAN tasks that include WOL settings and definition of target PCs. Tasks are used for a quick WOL execution on demand using previously configured settings and also for an automatic scheduled execution one-time or regularly. Scheduled tasks can be managed through intuitive visual interface.


Query-Based Wake on LAN Targets

In the Professional edition it is possible to configure dynamic targets for Wake on LAN tasks. Instead of creating a fixed list of PCs you can define an Active Directory query that will report PCs meeting defined conditions every time before WOL execution. As the result you don't need to update WOL targets for tasks if your network structure is changed.

Automated MAC Detection

The application is able to collect MAC addresses of network PCs automatically. The Free edition can extract MAC addresses from powered on PCs using multiple methods. The Professional edition includes additional MAC detection method and allows extracting MAC addresses from Microsoft DHCP server. This method reports MAC for all PCs in a network.


Customizable WOL Settings

Depending on your network environment you can configure the application to send Wake on LAN packets using different transmission methods. You can select broadcast, unicast, directed broadcast and Internet transmission and specify port used for WOL. You can configure these settings globally or set individual settings for tasks in the Professional edition.

Advanced PC Power Management Utility

EMCO Remote Shutdown - you can use this tool to automate PC power management across the local network. It can execute Wake on LAN, shutdown, reboot and other management operations on demand or automatically on schedule. 

Awards and Recognition

Year after year, EMCO WakeOnLan has been receiving various awards from editors and readers of leading IT resources. These awards are the acknowledgement of our advanced product design and commitment to quality that we stick to.

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