EMCO WakeOnLan - Feature List

Here you can find a complete list of the product features. All features come with detailed explanations and some of them have links to correspondent screenshots, so you can get an idea how they can be used on practice.
Wake-on-LAN Execution
Wake-on-LAN Targets  
The program is designed to wake up multiple remote PCs in scope of a single operation. WOL targets can be configured statically by selecting target PCs or dynamically by defining a query that reports target PCs.
5 PCs Unlimited PCs
Manual Wake-on-LAN Execution  
Run WOL operations manually when required.
Scheduled Wake-on-LAN Execution  
Create tasks to execute WOL automatically on schedule. Scheduled tasks can be executed once at a defined date/time or recurrently on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
2 tasks Unlimited tasks
Wake-on-LAN Configuration
Multiple Wake-on-LAN Transmission Methods  
The program uses different WOL delivery methods, which allows sending WOL packets across subnets and networks of a complex structure. The supported WOL delivery methods include broadcast, unicast, directed broadcast, and WOL transmission through the Internet.
Automatic Detection of MAC Addresses  
Automatically detect MAC addresses of target PCs. The program uses different MAC address detection methods, which can be used in different network configurations. The supported methods include Neighbor Discovery, NetBIOS, WinAPI and WMI methods. The program also extracts MAC addresses from Microsoft DHCP, and this method can be used to detect MAC addresses of turned off PCs.
Power Peaks Prevention  
Avoid power peaks in case of a simultaneous wake-up of a large number of PCs. A special option allows configuring the maximum number of PCs that can be powered up per second.
Wake-on-LAN Settings Customization  
Override the global WOL settings and use a custom WOL delivery, WOL port and other options in a task, if required.
Execution Results and Notifications
Wake-on-LAN Execution Status Reporting  
Get the status of the Wake-on-LAN execution for every target PC. If the target PC was turned on by sending a WOL packet, the status reports a successful execution; otherwise, it reports a failure.
E-Mail Notifications with Execution Status  
Receive an e-mail with execution status details for every target PC. E-mails are sent for every executed WOL task, if enabled in the program configuration.
Custom E-Mail Notification Settings for Tasks  
Override the global notification settings and use customized settings for a task, if required. For example, you can customize e-mail recipients for a task.
The Program Architecture and Configuration
Run as a Service  
Run the program as a Windows service. The service continues executing scheduled tasks even if you log off from Windows or reboot the PC where the program is installed.
Program Database  
The program stores all the configurations, tasks, execution results and other information in a database. In case of a per-user database, every Windows user works with their own database, so users cannot share data. In case of a per-machine database, all users work with the same database and share data.
Per-user database Per-machine database
External MS SQL Server Database  
Instead of using the default local file-based database, you can configure the program to store data in a high-performance external MS SQL Server database.
Awards and Recognition
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